Sunday, April 26, 2015

The gamble of life

Lets just get to the latest news.

12 eggs were retrieved.  10 fertilized.  Thats amazing news.

We have to wait until Tuesday evening or Wednesday morning for the exact total that made it through to day 5 and then they'll send whatever made it to the lab for HD testing.

We were thrilled to have 12.  Thrilled to have 10 fertilize.  And then yesterday when I got the news, I had to wait all afternoon to tell Rodney, and when I did, he was super thrilled.

After talking to my older sister Betsey and giving her the breakdown of how our week went in Vegas, she said I have the perfect makings for a short story.  About going to Vegas to make a baby, and how its a complete gamble.  People go to Vegas to gamble every single day of the year.  And we just spent another week there gambling to create a family.
Its so true.  We have a 50/50 chance of each embryo having HD.   I know Vegas odds are not normally in your favor, but there are winners.  I heard the machines pinging out loud.  I saw people winning at the craps table.  It does happen.  And hopefully we will be a part of the "lucky ones".

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