Monday, January 19, 2015


On Monday, Dec 22nd, I went in to Valley Med at 7:30 to get blood drawn.  I had no idea what kind of day it was going to be.  I get there, pay over $500 (luckily I have an HSA with money in the acct!) up front, and then go get one vial of blood drawn.  They tell me I'm done. So I go back to work.  As soon as I walk in the door at work, my phone rings and its VMC.  I have to come back, because they didn't draw all the blood they needed.  Which I kinda saw coming, because the order from the dr was pretty long.  So I get there, and they looked at my arm that had just been drawn from, and decided it was too soon to use that arm again, so they took blood from the right arm.  After 4 vials, my arm was bruising.  So they had to stop, and let me know that I needed to come back later that day.  I went back around 4pm and they looked at both arms and didn't know what to do.  So they tried lefty again, and only got 1 more vial.  I had about 6 left.  So they took it from my hand.  I felt so drained of iron.  I had a headache and was just done.

The next day was my scheduled Sonohystogram.  Long story short, I couldn't do it that day, due to the day of my cycle that I was on (and they were the ones to tell ME what day I needed it) so I rescheduled it for Friday, December 26th.  The day after Christmas.  I was alone this time.  They found something.  Just like the last time I had an ultrasound, there was a polyp or tissue that needed to be removed.  That was a major bummer.  I felt discouraged again.  Like there was just one more obstacle that I had in front of me.  I cried a few tears, and then moved on.  Knowing things were going to be alright.

Because they push liquid up inside your body, there's always a risk for infection, and I started to see signs of infection, so I was put on an antibiotic, which meant that for NYE, I couldn't drink anything, and I also didn't feel well enough to go to a friends house and party.  That was ok though.  Rodney and I kissed at 9PM ( we rang in pretending we were New Yorkers) and then went to bed.  Woohoo!

The next weekend we went to McCall with friends and I felt great.  I knew it was probably one of the only times I would be able to go snowboarding so I soaked it up.  We had a great time.

When I got back, I decided it was time to get as healthy as I could be.  I started doing the Whole30 plan, which is basically no dairy, no sugar, and no breads. Oh and no alcohol, because duh, sugar. I also started walking/running on my new treadmill.  After almost 2 weeks of that, I was feeling amazing.  Whole30 is about whole foods.  Nothing processed, and a lot of label reading.  Nothing that has ingredients you cannot pronounce.

We ended up going to McCall again on the weekend of the 17th.  I did kind of stray from the Whole30, but did try.  I just wasn't going to be that person in a huge group that didn't eat what was served for the whole group. I know, this sounds like a totally lame excuse, but here's my other rationalization:  I'm going to be not drinking for over 9 months (hopefully!) and I will be eating extremely healthy as well, so why not have a tiny itsy bitsy bit of fun while I have the opportunity.  So I did.  I drank a little bit of alcohol, and had a couple pieces of bread. So sue me!

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