Wednesday, January 21, 2015

One Way Ticket to Vegas to Get Knocked Up

I love the title of this post.  Its 100% true.  How many people seriously say that?  How many people does that accidentally happen to?  Maybe more people with a round-trip ticket, but not me!

We've booked our flight.  And get this.  It leaves straight out of Lewiston.  How amazing is that?  AND it was cheaper than flying out of Pasco or Spokane, which are both 2+ hours away.  So, no parking the car, no leaving 3.5+ hours ahead of time.  We live literally 6 minutes away from the airport.  I'm so excited.  We leave on February 20.  So exactly 30 days from today.

I've started the birth control pills. Sounds kind of strange, doesn't it?  But there's a reason, obviously.  Taking them helps the ovaries respond better to the stimulation medication.  It also allows flexibility in coordinating my cycle, so the procedure can be planned better, time wise.

A couple weeks ago, I got a call from the pharmacy that was going to be sending me all my injectables.  Because after I take the BC pills for one month, I start the injections in my booty.  Yay. No, not really excited about that part.  Anyways, I got this call, and the asked me for my insurance info and then said it was going to be $4242.98.


Yeah, I didn't give them my credit card info.  That would almost completely deplete my savings account, and the savings account was for traveling expenses, and other costs that I wasn't sure about from now until the procedure was done.  Yes, I was thinking the meds would be expensive, but I seriously had no idea they were that much.  So, I filled out a Compassionate Care form from the doctor, and am just waiting to see if I get approved and for how much of a discount.  Fingers crossed.  We've already gone through so much, and I really didn't expect that amount.

This whole process has been full of ups and downs and surprises.  Its getting close and I'm just so excited now that I have the flight purchased and am taking the BC pills.  I'm also taking a prenatal, because the folic acid can help with any chromosomal abnormalities that may arise.

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