Monday, February 9, 2015

IVF with PGD for HD

When you're lucky enough to be able to get pregnant naturally, you get to experience and have thoughts such as:

"Am I late? Nah, trusty ol' Aunt Flo will be here soon"
"Ok. I'm late. I should probably go buy a test, but just one of those ones from the dollar store will suffice"
"Wow. Its positive!  Now, how should I surprise my husband with this amazing news?"

Even if you are planning pregnancy, you still get to experience the miracle of it just happening and then soon enough you go to the dr and they confirm it, then soon enough you go to an ultrasound, and miraculously a baby is somehow inside your body growing.

I've always wondered what thats like, and I unfortunately I won't ever experience that.  I've had almost a full decade to deal with it, so I'm good now.  But it was hard and still is sometimes.

We went through many years of wondering how this family was going to come about.  We tried IUI with sperm donors, and thought about fostering and adopting.  We just knew that we couldn't naturally create human life with HD hanging over us.  Sure, we had moments and months were we said, "Let's just try and hope that our kid won't have HD" and luckily we didn't get pregnant those months.  Because now we have this amazing opportunity ahead.  And its all taking place in under 30 days.

I'm so freakin excited.  I know there's a lot ahead of us that has the odds against us.

Here's the breakdown:

We've paid the PGD lab to test 8 embryos for HD and for any other chromosomal abnormalities.  And each additional one we send is more, but we've paid for 8.
Because HD is 50/50 with each embryo, we're looking at 4 without HD.
Of those 4, there's a 45% of some other chromosomal abnormality.
So, we're looking at 2 embryos that are healthy and are able to be transferred back into me.
And the chances of those 2 (cause you better believe that if there's 2, I'm putting both in) taking are not 100%.  I would still be on meds to help those embryos stay put and grow.

But we are going to take our chances.  Life has a crazy way of presenting different paths and opportunities and fear is a big reason a lot of people don't go down certain paths.  I know if this round doesn't work, I will want to go for another try.  But I also have a super positive outlook that is allowing me to think its all going to work.

We will be flying to Vegas to have this all done in 11 days.  I've had this phrase going through my head these past few days.

"Vegas Baby, Yeah" (in Austin Power's voice)

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