Thursday, February 19, 2015

First injections - DONE

I was excited about the day that I started injections.  Not to be poked with needles and strange meds, but the fact that it meant I was really close to all the IVF procedures.....and my trip to Vegas.  So, I watched the training videos probably 4 times each and felt pretty prepared.  But I'm not the one doing the shots.  Rodney is.  So when I got home last night, I reminded him that it was time and that we should watch the videos.

Let me first say that Rodney thought this was going to be a cake walk.  He thought there was nothing to it, but while he was watching the videos, it became real to him that there was more to it and that it was happening. Now.  He actually said, "Do we have to do these tonight?  Can they wait until tomorrow?"  LOL. Um. no. They cannot.

So we watched both videos, one for Menopur and Gonal-F and then went over to the kitchen table.  We decided we needed the videos again, so I brought the laptop over and we watched them again as we were mixing the Menopur and using the Q-cap and all that good stuff.  We fist bumped after the Menopur shot.  Then was the Gonal-F which I was calling the epi-pen, because thats kinda what it reminds me of.  The medication is already in it, and you just click the pen to how much meds you need and then you simply push the end of the pen and hold for 5 seconds.  They both burned a bit.  But I will say the needles were not as big as I thought they were going to be.  Both needles were pretty small! Like around and length.

We fist bumped again and kissed and said that from here on out, it would be easier.  This morning I've had a headache, and I'm pretty sure that its from the shots, because I never have headaches and I didn't do anything differently than I normally do in the mornings.  I'm drinking water and taking my vitamins.

We leave tomorrow at 6:55pm and I'm so excited.  I'm excited to be in Vegas with my brother, who is the coolest bro ever, and I'm excited about the fact that I'm taking my dog.  I'm excited about meeting the Dr.  I'm excited about hanging out with Rodney for a bit while we can just relax and have all this done.

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