Friday, March 6, 2015

Embryonic Process

Who knew the good news of 6 out of 7 eggs fertilized would soon turn into possible bad news?

Not this girl.  Why?  Because I'm naive, and don't know the entire IVF/PGD process. Well, now I know more.

So I got a call yesterday from the lab that is watching my little 6 embryos grow and they said that there's still 6. Which is great news.  But she said that if only 4 or less make it to Sat or Sunday (the end of the process where the become blastocyts) then I will have to do egg retrieval all over again. Grrrreat.  I knew there were going to be bumps in the road, and there certainly have already been bumps. And polyps. Well, only one thankfully.  And its been removed.  

So now we wait a couple more days until we find out if all 6 survive.  I really really hope and pray they do.

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